Childhood drawingsI was born on the 5th of June 1975 in Dundee, we moved back to Egypt when I was three.
I started drawing very early on. My biggest inspiration as a child was comic books; I loved them and would try to draw like my heroes Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Frazetta and many more great comic artists.
My dad, who is an amazing architect, was also a huge inspiration. He not only taught me how to draw, but it was growing up surrounded by pictures on our walls by great artists like Klimt & Schiele, and having lots of art and design books in his library, that opened my eyes to the visual world.
My mum being a very natural and impulsive character also had great influence on my attitudes and personality, she would take me to art & music lessons when I was a child which really helped my foundation. Another huge influence on me is my Sister who although only 2 years older than me was my biggest source of support and encouragement throughout my life. And Julie my beautiful girlfriend who has been a huge support, her opinion on my work has always been very clear and extremely useful.
Another huge inspiration throughout my life has been The Beatles, not only musically, which I love, but as a story of very unique individuals and how they evolved creatively.
Life drawing has had a huge influence on my work also. For many years now I have been painting and drawing at my art teacher John Freeman’s studio. Doing this has really helped develop my drawing skills and attitude towards creating artwork in general.

After school I went to Fine Art University in Cairo. I specialised in interior design a decision I would never regret as I got to learn a lot of tangible skills as opposed to going completely arty too early in my training which I think should happen at its own pace.
In my university years I also began my career as a freelance artist designer, I took any job I could get, from graphic design to painting murals, doing cartoon drawings for magazines and commissioned portraits. This was a great phase for my development.
After university I continued freelancing for five years and then I started feeling that I needed to work with other creative people, after developing as much as I can on my own.

I was attracted by the video game industry as I felt that in games I could create fantastical worlds and characters, unleash my imagination without the boundaries of the real world construction limitations and budgets, and I would do that with amazing people of very varied talents and backgrounds.
I put a portfolio together and applied to Lionhead Studios in the UK in June 2002, where I got a job as a concept artist. I worked on Fable, Black & White, The Movies, BC, and other unreleased projects; I also met many talented people and made lots of good friends there.
During my time in Lionhead I found myself really interested in the game development creative process and started to have my own ideas of creative environments, and team dynamics…

In January 2006 me and my mates founded Media Molecule, together with a small team of other super talents. the full history of Mm can be seen on the Media Molecule website...

Many years later after we have created the wonderful LittleBigPlanet franchise which was a wonderful Jam that started our mission on Creative Gaming, we are now continuing on that vision on Dreams which is a very personal project for me... can’t wait till it’s out, I have added some of my Dreams concepts to my Media Molecule section.

This site is a collection of my commercial and personal work. Each category is presented as a collage of my artwork, you can scroll left and right to see more - the more you travel to the right the older the work is.

Hope you enjoy!

Kareem Ettouney